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The ordinary Shanghai, Changzhou, wire heald founded in the early 1980s. Property Management Department by the Shanghai Textile Industry Bureau of East China, Changzhou Textile Machinery Company the wire healds plant tripartite joint venture, set tripartite talent, technology, capital. Using the most advanced automated assembly line equipment production of various models of wire healds, suitable for cotton, wool, linen, glass fiber, ceramic fiber , chemical fiber, carpet, plastic weaving, etc..
Company focus on the adjustment of product structure, a year to put in a lot of financial and human resources, and to learn from the advanced experience innovative production of four shuttle, six shuttle, eight shuttle, 10-Shuttle various circular loom entire shuttle, and propulsion assembly, as well as class circular loom, drawing machine wearing parts. Changzhou Hengli Yongming, Wei Yu, Creation HengCheng, start a prairie fire, Yantai double Sanyang, Zhejiang Yanfeng days wind, constant, of Anhui Tianchang, Guangzhou THEO plastic machinery plant supporting production, selling products the country and exported to India, Vietnam, the Philippines, Taiwan, Russia, Austria and other international markets. The spirit of 'customer first, quality first' purpose, welcome domestic and foreign customers to patronize negotiate.
The company produces 'often Shanghai' brand plastic knitting machine for wire heald, has 26 years of history. With the vigorous development of of woven plastics industry in China, the company has developed into the largest and most complete variety, the largest selling well-known enterprise. Alloy heald eye pioneered by the company, corundum comprehensive eye nylon composite wire heald supporting in domestic garden loom manufacturing industry in the amount of almost a hundred percent, and won the trust. All kinds of imported Park loom Ribbon machine for wire heald has become the best choice to replace imports.

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